Operation Ceasefire is Dedicated to Victims of Pueblo Gun Violence

Operation Ceasefire Pueblo is Dedicated to the Friends and Families of The Victims of Gun Violence in Pueblo...

This website provides public access to accurate information about the circumstances surrounding violent criminal gun-related violent deaths in Pueblo. Operation Ceasefire Pueblo supports policies and practices that help law enforcement and other agencies and non profits combat violence. Also Pueblo Alerts, our sponsor, on Facebook  - Victims:


Daniel Gonzales

Daniel Gonzales, 19, was killed in a drive-by shooting at a parking lot at the Colorado State Fair, according to police. He was a member of the Dukes, a local gang and police are investigating if the shooting was gang related. Police are currently searching for a black Honda and a small white truck. More about this open case...


Devin Clark

Devin Clark, 26, was fatally caught in cross fire while  outside a bar in Pueblo by a member of one of two gangs fighting. He was not involved in gangs and was completely innocent. Timothy Trujillo was arrested for first-degree murder and was sentenced to 48 years. More about this case which contributed to major awareness of the issue...


Chuck Joseph Quintana Ortega, Jr

Chuck Joseph Quintana Ortega Jr, 21, was murdered in the early morning at the Casa Del Sol Apartments off Constitution in Pueblo during an altercation. In September, 2016 police arrested Clinton Jeremy Loonsfoot, 33, for allegedly killing 21-year-old Chuck Quintana. The case is awaiting trial.


Isaiah Vialpando

Isaiah Vialpando, 20, an innocent young non gang affiliated Pueblo local man was shot while driving at Court and 2nd Street in downtown Pueblo.Leo Montoya, 23, was arrested on two counts of first-degree murder  More about this case...



Carlos Perea

Carlos Perea, 28, was fatally shot in early February of 2015 when he and others were inside a vehicle traveling on East Abriendo Avenue in Pueblo and were fired upon by someone driving a vehicle alongside. Perea was fired at and died in the hospital. Police believe the shooting was possibly gang related. More about this unsolved homicide...


Rick Muniz

Rick Muniz, 32, was fatally shot on the South Side of Pueblo allegedly by Timothy Tafoya, 21, a member of a group of people who were confronted by Muniz for vandalizing the house with graffiti. He was a local musician and singer. Friends created a FB page JusticeForRicky as a tribute to his life. More on this case which is pending trial...


Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez, 32, was found shot to death sometime in the night in backyard of a south side home. Pueblo police detectives, working in conjunction with the Denver Police Department, arrested Jose Manzanares, 37, in relation to the deadly shooting.


Elijah Savv Aguila

Elijah Savv Aguila, 16, was fatally killed about 7 pm. He was dropped off at a local hospital. Neighbors say they heard a series of bullets. Police did not say if the shooting was gang related or not. 18-year-old Dominik Jaramillo was arrested for his murder.


Eddie Johnson

Eddie Johnson, 25, was shot to death about 2 am in Bessemer and was founding lying in front of a yard on the 2100 block of Cedar Street where police say he was trying to break up a fight in the front yard of a home. Taria Wilhite, 22, was charged with his murder.


Isaac Lucero Junior

Isaac Lucero Junior, 15, was shot to death in broad daylight in the area of Utica and 11th Street. Police believe two or three people were involved in the shooting. Lucero was with family members who say they were just walking down the street when he was killed. Family says he was not involved in gangs. More...


Quincey Coats

Quincey Coats was shot to death during a bar fight. Damen Blake, 37, was accused of killing Quincey Coates. Police say Blake also shot a pregnant woman. While she survived, her baby was delivered and later died. Blake and Coates had a history of violent arguments. He left behind a wife and three children.


Ray Castro

Ray Castro,49, was found bleeding outside a bar on Sante Fe in Pueblo and died on the way to the hospital after an altercation. He left behind a wife and nine children.Police have seized a vehicle matching the description of one witnesses say they saw leaving the area but didn't make any arrests. The case is unsolved.


Carlos George Lave

Carlos George Lave, 22, was shot to death outside a sports bar on Club Manor Drive during a fight. He died of a gunshot wound to the chest shortly after arriving at the hospital, transported by his friend's truck. Police say the shooting may be gang related. The suspect is a 5'10 hispanic male who was driving a dark colored four door. This case is unsolved.



Marco Antonio Morales

Marco Antonio Morales, 18, was shot to death in a drug robbery gone awry. Myles Isaiah Johnson was sentenced about three years later for Morale's murder and for wounding David Lucero, then 18, and Isaiah Chacon, then 17.



Michael Vigil

Michael Vigil, 18, was shot in the head and killed during a drive-by shooting on the East Side of town. He was a member of the Eastside Dukes. His killers were in a white car at the time of the shooting. The case remains unsolved.